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1992 - 2000             3D Art and Programming, Evolutionary and Procedural Systems
2000 - 2010             Web Development, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
2010 - 2020             Game Development, Generative Design, Interface Design
2020 -                  Web3, NFTs, Blockchain, Visual Effects


Leads small creative and technical teams to build experimental blockchain-based art and experiences.
A creative technical artist working primarily with code and/or SideFX Houdini.
Early adopter of generative design and procedural tooling and systems.
Advocate of 'Data Oriented' design and imperative procedural programming.
Doesn't take himself as seriously as this website suggests. Dislikes talking in third person.


Distance Fields         [Creative Director]
                        Creative and technical collective building on-chain generative art projects.





1997                    Graphics and Interactivity Programming       UK Ministry of Defence                    
1998                    3D Animation and Programming                 IBM Data Sciences
2000                    Front End Development                        Corporate Internet Design
2002                    Freelance Design and Development             Calx
2008                    Graphic Design and Illustration              Penguin Books
2011                    Creative Technologist and Interactivity      iCrossing UK
2012                    Gameplay and Interface Programming           PaperSeven
2013                    Art and Animation UI Programming             ZoeMode, KUJU
2014                    Art Direction and UI Programming             Red Mist Games
2015                    Lead UI Artist & Technical Artist            Creative Assembly, SEGA

2021 [Current]          Creative Director                            Distance Fields



2004                    MPhil           Advanced Motion Graphics     Glasgow School of Art 
2002                    BA Hons.        Computer Arts                University of Abertay 


Art                     Houdini, Moi3D, Substance, Adobe Creative Collection
Render                  RedShift, Octane, V-Ray
Post                    DaVinci Resolve
Engine                  Unity, Unreal Engine
Code                    VEX, JavaScript, Solidity, C/C++, Python, Shaders, Creative Code Frameworks


Hyenas                  Creative Assembly       SEGA                 Lead UI Artist
Halo Wars 2 Ep. 2       Creative Assembly       343 Industries       Senior Technical Artist
Halo Wars 2             Creative Assembly       343 Industries       Senior UI Artist
NODE                    Red Mist Studio         Self                 Lead UI Artist & Programmer
RISK:Urban Assault      KUJU                    Ubisoft              UI Artist & Programmer
RISK                    KUJU                    Ubisoft              UI Artist & Programmer 

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