This website - Calx has been a showcase of my personal work since the mid 90's.  

I began my professional career  in 1996 as a graphic designer. Working primarily in the music industry I created abstract psychedelic 3D artwork with code and ray-tracing software for album covers.  In 2000 I started on a more corporate path towards web-design and interactivity, mixing art and design with code, where possible, and honing what I consider to be my own graphical style.  In the late 00's I found my way to object-oriented programming and the video games industry - a field in which I can comfortably combine creative code with modern design principles and 3D art.  Since day one, there's been a strong procedural element to my work and I'm  fascinated by generative design.

In 2017 you'll find me working as Lead UI Artist on the console team at Creative Assembly

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